Luxerian "Lux" Callister

Magic Swordsman - Seeker of Adventure


Lux is a young man of modest stature, short brown hair, and deep blue eyes. He wears a hooded cerulean coat overtop his reddish scale armor and a red-dyed cotton shirt and brown slacks. He carries a silver compass on a chain around his neck. His sword, Heartstring, is kept sheathed at his side. Its blade is old-fashioned, but with a clear streak of scarlet running down the middle.

Lux is an eager person without much patience. He is quick to jump to conclusions, though he is often right in his insights into other people. He is a kind soul and doesn’t like to see people disappointed. He only becomes stern in the presence of the cruel, greedy, or otherwise villainous.


Lux grew up in a small farming town for all his life. While somewhat studied and very social, he was never quite strong enough to handle a farmer’s work and certainly not well-built for battle. However, when a villainous bandit came and attempted to bully the town into giving him their wares, Lux grabbed his grandfather’s longsword, Heartstring, and challenged the bandit.

He felt an immediate attachment to his weapon, as though the spirits of Fate were on his side. He inexplicably managed to defeat the bandit and saved his town. Having done so, Lux came to the epiphany that he was meant to do greater thing and set off to find adventure and fulfill his calling.

Luxerian "Lux" Callister

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