Tales of the Broken Kingdom

Session 4

Battle in the Streetlight

Prior to the group meeting again, The team eager to put distance between themselves and those who’d harmt them returned to Pilgrim’s Inn. There they leaerned that two guards had very swiftly arrived after the party had left, and requested details. This group then chose to go back to Kysteth.

The group reconenved and formualted a plan in which they would pretend to kidnap [[sejutti | Sejutti", offering her a ’torture material; to extract the whereabouts the Benefactor.

The entire thing became a clear ruse when the scoundrels that drew their blades lookeed intent on killinig the party. With pretenses dropped the party easy slayed the majority of the group, chasing after their leader for more information.

Things became two guards (who may or may not be related to the ones that went to Pilgrim’s Eye) tried to run after the allies, amid pleas by the lowly thief. The party managed to knock unconcious the guards and the fleeing scoundrel.


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