Tales of the Broken Kingdom

Session 03

Heartstring & Reick

After defeating the goblins in their cave, the party decides to rest briefly before continuing their trek to Kysteth City.

After a calm journey, the party arrives at the gates of the city at nightfall. Per the reccomendation by Blanden, they locate the Bella’s Blessing in the heart of the city. The proprietor, a gruff Dragonborn named Gruum, welcomes them to the city after they explained the events at the Pilgrim’s Inn. He and his wife, Bella, offer them free food and lodgings for ‘a few days.’ The party relaxed, ate, and drank before eventually deciding to rest for the night.

That night, Lux dreamt again of returning home, but this time there seamed to be no one in the dream besides himself. He eventually found a tall man with graying black hair who was surprised to see Lux and not Axerian Callister, Lux’s grandfather. Lux explained who he was and that both his grandfather and father had passed away. The mysterious man identified himself as Reick, the spirit of Lux’s sword, Heartstring. The dream faded as Reick explained that he would slowly become more attached to Lux and that then things may become clearer.

When Lux awoke he found that Heartstring was missing entirely. After a brief panic, he discovered he could now not only summon Heartstring to his hand from empty space, but that he could dictate the form the blade took – from small dagger to massive greatsword. Murmyr, who was sharing the room with Lux, wasn’t impressed at this and returned to sleep.

When the party reconvened in the inn’s tavern, they divided into three groups. Vaendin and Heidrun went to the the magical components shop to restock on supplies. After a relatively long errand searching for ingredients outside the city, the settled with the shop and returned to the inn.

Sejutti went to the local blacksmith and placed an order for a massive boomerang. After a long explanation of what the blacksmith could accomplish and whether it was worth her time, she paid for an order that would take a few days to complete. She then returned to the inn.

Lux and Murmyr visited the more grim part of town, searching for any information they could find regarding the Benefactor. After finding a seedy group of gamblers, Murmyr used his guiles to determine that they may have luck in visiting the district later that night. With this clue, he and Lux returned to the inn.

The party then prepared for the mission.


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