Tales of the Broken Kingdom

Session 02

Assault on the Goblin Cave

During the night, Lux has a dream about returning to his hometown of Greenburg as a champion who had saved the land. He makes his way to his old sweetheart, Stella, who he embraces tenderly. The dream fades away, however, as a masculine voice rings out a name:

Axerian Callister … Axerian Callister …

Lux wakes and regroups with the party. They agree to hunt down the remaining goblins of the clan that sent the undead and raiding party to Pilgrim’s Inn. They ride upon Sejutti’s horse and one provided to them by Blanden. They know the goblin dwelling must be somewhere northwest, just off the path they would have travelled to Kysteth City.

They find a small entrance to what is assumed to be a larger cavern base. Heidrun turns into a spider and scouts out the area, confirming there is no other way out. Vaendin proposes a complex plan of luring the goblins to the entrance where they will be met with ball bearings, caltrops, oil to be lit ablaze, and the goblins’ own traps. Lux agrees with the plan, despite the fact he has absolutely no way to see into the dark cavern, whereas Heidrun and Vaendin have dark vision.

The plan collapses as the goblins simply stop short of the traps and fire arrows at the party. Sejutti becomes enraged and crashes through the caltrops and ball bearings to attack the foes directly. The rest of the party cautiously follow through their intended trap zone to help slay the enemies.

Many goblins, a single hobgoblin, and a conspicous goblin priest attack and are deftly defeated by the party, leaving on the priest alive to provide information. Vaendin interrogates her, with translation from Sejutti. Meanwhile, Heidrun and Murmyr discover a journal belonging to, presumably, one of the hobgoblins. Both the journal and the priest’s information indicate that a man skilled with a sword brought the undead and told them the “”/wikis/The%20Benefactor/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”> Benefactor" would provide more resources if the goblins cause chaos in the land.

When Vaendin is done interrogating the goblin, he lights her on fire with the previously laid oil. Lux kills her with an energy blast, much to Vaendin’s indignation. Before he can berate Lux, however, a howl is heard.

The howl came from Heidrun, who has been ambushed deeper in the cavern by two bugbears. He had transformed into a wolf form to fend them off. Together, the party defeat the bugbears. The last one is slain by Lux, who brutally slices its head of.


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