Tales of the Broken Kingdom

Session 4
Battle in the Streetlight

Prior to the group meeting again, The team eager to put distance between themselves and those who’d harmt them returned to Pilgrim’s Inn. There they leaerned that two guards had very swiftly arrived after the party had left, and requested details. This group then chose to go back to Kysteth.

The group reconenved and formualted a plan in which they would pretend to kidnap [[sejutti | Sejutti", offering her a ’torture material; to extract the whereabouts the Benefactor.

The entire thing became a clear ruse when the scoundrels that drew their blades lookeed intent on killinig the party. With pretenses dropped the party easy slayed the majority of the group, chasing after their leader for more information.

Things became two guards (who may or may not be related to the ones that went to Pilgrim’s Eye) tried to run after the allies, amid pleas by the lowly thief. The party managed to knock unconcious the guards and the fleeing scoundrel.

Session 03
Heartstring & Reick

After defeating the goblins in their cave, the party decides to rest briefly before continuing their trek to Kysteth City.

After a calm journey, the party arrives at the gates of the city at nightfall. Per the reccomendation by Blanden, they locate the Bella’s Blessing in the heart of the city. The proprietor, a gruff Dragonborn named Gruum, welcomes them to the city after they explained the events at the Pilgrim’s Inn. He and his wife, Bella, offer them free food and lodgings for ‘a few days.’ The party relaxed, ate, and drank before eventually deciding to rest for the night.

That night, Lux dreamt again of returning home, but this time there seamed to be no one in the dream besides himself. He eventually found a tall man with graying black hair who was surprised to see Lux and not Axerian Callister, Lux’s grandfather. Lux explained who he was and that both his grandfather and father had passed away. The mysterious man identified himself as Reick, the spirit of Lux’s sword, Heartstring. The dream faded as Reick explained that he would slowly become more attached to Lux and that then things may become clearer.

When Lux awoke he found that Heartstring was missing entirely. After a brief panic, he discovered he could now not only summon Heartstring to his hand from empty space, but that he could dictate the form the blade took – from small dagger to massive greatsword. Murmyr, who was sharing the room with Lux, wasn’t impressed at this and returned to sleep.

When the party reconvened in the inn’s tavern, they divided into three groups. Vaendin and Heidrun went to the the magical components shop to restock on supplies. After a relatively long errand searching for ingredients outside the city, the settled with the shop and returned to the inn.

Sejutti went to the local blacksmith and placed an order for a massive boomerang. After a long explanation of what the blacksmith could accomplish and whether it was worth her time, she paid for an order that would take a few days to complete. She then returned to the inn.

Lux and Murmyr visited the more grim part of town, searching for any information they could find regarding the Benefactor. After finding a seedy group of gamblers, Murmyr used his guiles to determine that they may have luck in visiting the district later that night. With this clue, he and Lux returned to the inn.

The party then prepared for the mission.

Session 02
Assault on the Goblin Cave

During the night, Lux has a dream about returning to his hometown of Greenburg as a champion who had saved the land. He makes his way to his old sweetheart, Stella, who he embraces tenderly. The dream fades away, however, as a masculine voice rings out a name:

Axerian Callister … Axerian Callister …

Lux wakes and regroups with the party. They agree to hunt down the remaining goblins of the clan that sent the undead and raiding party to Pilgrim’s Inn. They ride upon Sejutti’s horse and one provided to them by Blanden. They know the goblin dwelling must be somewhere northwest, just off the path they would have travelled to Kysteth City.

They find a small entrance to what is assumed to be a larger cavern base. Heidrun turns into a spider and scouts out the area, confirming there is no other way out. Vaendin proposes a complex plan of luring the goblins to the entrance where they will be met with ball bearings, caltrops, oil to be lit ablaze, and the goblins’ own traps. Lux agrees with the plan, despite the fact he has absolutely no way to see into the dark cavern, whereas Heidrun and Vaendin have dark vision.

The plan collapses as the goblins simply stop short of the traps and fire arrows at the party. Sejutti becomes enraged and crashes through the caltrops and ball bearings to attack the foes directly. The rest of the party cautiously follow through their intended trap zone to help slay the enemies.

Many goblins, a single hobgoblin, and a conspicous goblin priest attack and are deftly defeated by the party, leaving on the priest alive to provide information. Vaendin interrogates her, with translation from Sejutti. Meanwhile, Heidrun and Murmyr discover a journal belonging to, presumably, one of the hobgoblins. Both the journal and the priest’s information indicate that a man skilled with a sword brought the undead and told them the “”/wikis/The%20Benefactor/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”> Benefactor" would provide more resources if the goblins cause chaos in the land.

When Vaendin is done interrogating the goblin, he lights her on fire with the previously laid oil. Lux kills her with an energy blast, much to Vaendin’s indignation. Before he can berate Lux, however, a howl is heard.

The howl came from Heidrun, who has been ambushed deeper in the cavern by two bugbears. He had transformed into a wolf form to fend them off. Together, the party defeat the bugbears. The last one is slain by Lux, who brutally slices its head of.

Session 01
Encounter at the Pilgrim's Inn

Five individuals meet in a shining void in a dream state. Each one of them sees the others and finds that, somehow, they already know the each of other’s name. Lux the magic swordsman, Heidrun the wild druid, Sejutti the strong warrior, Vaendin the elven brawler, and Murmyr the enigmatic shapeshifter. A soft, feminine voice breaks the silence,

“Wake Up…”

The party stands still, unable to fathom what they are experiencing. The voice presses on, growing louder and firmer with each utterance,

“Wake Up……Wake Up…..Wake Up….”

Finally the words ring in the party’s ears as they are each jolted awake. They are lumped together in the middle of the inn they each recall stopping at the Pilgrim’s Inn to rest while each journeyed toward Kysteth City. Each finds bindings that apparently kept them contained, but they are inexplicably free from the bindings. Several goblins rummaged through the inn’s main area. There is a dead human man in a corner next to their things.

The party immediately use this opportunity to attack their would-have-been captors, reclaim their belongings, and slay the goblins in the main hall. As they do so, they work together rather seamlessly – using the knowledge of their names to establish a kind of trust and quickly communicating.

Once cleared, the main hall is searched. From out of the windows Heidrun sees more goblins and a single monstrous man whose rotting flesh immediately identified him as undead. Vaendin moves upstairs to confirm if there were more enemies that may ambush them. Following his lead, the party continues to the upper floor.

Vaendin’s suspicion is confirmed and the party slays more goblins in the second floor. Having cleared the majority of the inn, the party checks the only unsearched room, the kitchen. There, a trap door is discovered that, when opened, shows what appears to be a human family trying to protect themselves against an unseen threat.

The entire party chooses to leap into the basement, where more goblins and their Hobgoblin leader are attempting to break into the section containing the family, held back by a large metal cage gate. Sejutti demolishes the gate with ease, knocking down one of the goblins.

The party fights and defeats the hobgoblin and all of the goblins in the basement, leaving only a single one unconcious rather than dead. The last goblin tries to flee out a passageway in the back, but is followed by Heidrun and lit ablaze by his magic (and a well-placed splash of oil). Doing so draws the attention of the goblins and undead outside, which were loading goods into a wagon to be hauled off. With little time to spare, the party joins Heidrun outside to combat the remaining threats.

In a final stand the party defeats the goblins and their zombie. The party finds some treasures among the goblins’ things and Sejutti is reunited with her horse, which the goblins were going to use to pull their wagon.

Vaendin uses Sejutti’s knowledge of the Goblin language to interrogate the goblin they left alive. The goblin confirms that a mysterious necromancer provided the zombie to the goblins and that their hobgoblin leader had a journal at their hideout that could provide more information.

The innkeeper, Blanden, thanks the party for defeating the goblins and saving his family (wife Merril and daughter Tarra), but is scared by the fact that some necromantic force equipped these raiders with an undead ally. He also laments the loss of the Huntsman, Fenn – the man found dead in the main hall. Blanden offers the party his reccomendation of accomodation at Kysteth – the Bella’s Blessing inn and its proprietor, Gruum.

Two paths forward were apparent – continue their individual journeys to Kysteth City together or investigate the home base of the goblins in the hopes of finding more clues.

The party decides to rest at the inn before settling on their next destination.

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